News and Updates

2014-10-20・Prevent Quitting with Backspace Key

Most browsers use the backspace key as a keyboard shortcut for the back button. This could cause players to accidentally quit the game if they hit the key when it wasn't their turn. To prevent this, the default key behaviour has been disabled during a game.

2014-09-29・Facebook Log In & Inviting Friends

Started adding Facebook integration with the ability to log in with Facebook and to invite Facebook friends.

2014-09-07・Game Start Countdown

Added a brief countdown before the game starts to give players a moment to get ready.

2014-08-24・Hard Time Limit

Added a hard time limit that causes you to lose your turn (counts as a pass) if you take too long.

2014-08-20・Negative Scores

If you take too long, the time bonus now turns negative.

2014-08-18・View Words After Game Ends

You can now close the game end popup to review your and your opponent's words.

2014-08-14・Select Your Opponent

In multiplayer, you can now select who you want play against if there are multiple opponents waiting.

2014-08-10・Dictionary Improved

Number of recognized words increased by approximately 15%. Also removed several long words. Now the dictionary contains no words with 30 or more characters.

2014-07-30・Dictionary Changes

After a massive poll, the two longest words (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis) are removed from the dictionary.

2014-07-23・Countdown Continues in Unfocussed Tab

Previously the countdown timer would pause if the tab was not focussed. This behavior has been changed so that the countdown continues regardless.

2014-07-22・Disable Copy / Paste

Disable copy / pasting of words during the game.

2014-07-21・Dictionary Improved

Greatly increase the size of the recognized words dictionary by approximately 2.5 times.

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